Caribe – Florida Brewing Co

Tropical Hard Cider – Pineapple

CARIBE Tropical Hard Cider Pineapple, by FL Brewing Co.

Sent to us by a Cape Canaveral Local is a great new addition to the review list by Florida Brewing Co, now called Florida Beer Co. Pineapple tends to be a light hearted airy citrus fruit known for its controversial stance on pizza toppings. But is it as controversial on Pizza as it is in Cider? Personally I think not, pineapple ciders are always a treat to the pallet, a nice sweet crisp change from the day to day apple flavor. If you’ve never had a pineapple cider, I suggest you branch out a little and give it a go!

So lets start with our review.

Personally I am a fan of pineapple ciders, but im also a fan of pineapples on my pizza, as well as jalapenos, ham, tomatoes… ok im getting off topic here quick and we’ve just begun, so lets just jump in on this. Right off the bat in the bottle its a pop top not a twist off, so don’t cut your hands up trying to twist er off. The nice sweet airy pineapple scent quickly fills the surrounding atmosphere and helps set the mood for whats sure to be a sweet treat. First impressions are everything everywhere, clear labeling paired with a great scent leads us to believe its going to be a good first sip.

First taste: It’s Pineapple! Yep couldn’t have guessed it from the labeling, but its definitely a pineapple cider. Nice sweet crisp lingering taste, if I had to compare it, I would definitely say its a little lighter than an Ace pineapple and I may grab it over one on a hot day. Definitely a nice light hard cider you could sip while lazing out by the pool on a warm Florida day.
I’m inclined to search it out locally to grab myself a 6 pack to tuck away for those hard days where you just want something light and sweet at the end of it.

What do I think about it? Honestly, its great, its airy, its light, its crisp, its sweet but not to sweet, every sip makes me want more, in fact we’re having steak tonight and this would be such a great pairing I’ve gone ahead and poured some in to marinate while I write up this review.

Quick facts

  • Alcohol Content by Volume – 4.5%
  • Calories per bottle – 190
  • Main Ingredients – Apple Juice, Water, Sugar
  • Gluten Free

Overall Ratings

  • Flavoring – Just right. 4 out of 5
  • Sweetness – Going to give it a 5. 5 out of 5
  • Overall – It hits all the marks, its become a favorite with 1 bottle therefore, its a solid 4.5 out of 5 for me in terms of Pineapple Hard Cider.

In the End

I really enjoyed this pineapple hard cider and feel FL Beer Co has hit the nail on the head with their Caribe hard cider line. It’s light enough to have a few without feeling bloated or like you’ve been sucking sugar through a straw for the last hour. Great pairing for a lunch or dinner drink, or even just a grab a drink out of the fridge and sip on the porch. I’ll be grabbing a pack of these for sure whenever in Cape Canaveral or if I see it locally in store.

Disclaimer: This review was written with personal first hand experience, without any form of payment given to write this review.