Mckenzie’s Black Cherry Hard Cider

Hey y’all, Amber here!

I am so happy to be helping out with these reviews and to be a part of the team. Now normally im a whiskey girl or more stout beer drinker so I tend to lean more towards Harp, Guinness Blonde, or Blue Moon. So I haven’t had very many Ciders, but the most recent ciders ive had would be Stella, Angry Orchards and of course McKenzie’s, to name a few.

So lets get into this review of McKenzie’s Black Cherry Cider.
First look at the bottle, its nothing special.
Nothing to draw your eye or make it memorable. But I will say, my favorite thing about it is the lip of the bottle. Most are thick and you feel like you will spill it while drinking, this one however is thin. It just felt like the right texture and made drinking from the bottle more enjoyable. Not once did i have the desire to pour it into a glass.

As for the taste, it was super smooth and not overly sweet. The black cherry flavor had a nice after taste, not over powering at all, which was really surprising. I personally feel the over all flavor could have been a bit stronger, but if you like a subtle smooth drink, then this is definitely for you! I would grab for this again on a hot summer day sitting outside by the water and not feel like like im dying of a sugar rush.


  • made in Utica, New York
  • started in 2011
  • gluten free!
  • champagne yeast vs a standard yeast
  • 200 calories per bottle