Starcut Ciders – Pulsar Dry Cider

Hard Cider Review

Brand: Starcut Ciders
Origin: Michigan
Alc by Vol. – 6.4%

I’m always a fan of a good dry cider, the very basis of Dry ciders is honestly why I am so hooked on Hard Cider. They really bring out the flavor of the apples used and thats where you get such a splendid variation as its so rare to find the same apples being used widespread.

Starcut ciders is based in Michigan and as such uses Michigan apples, which this would be my first time tasting a dry Michigan cider and I have to say, im actually excited to have this in my hands. I had not heard of Starcut until recently and I already see they have a good spread of hard ciders so im looking forward to getting a hand on some more soon. So with all the fanfair out of the way and me being overly excited (is that possible?) for a new taste! lets review!

Starcut Ciders.

First off I want to touch on the can, just from the outside im so intrigued, its like a squirrel in space experimenting with a radioactive gleaming apple!
Now lets be honest, I can be quite distracted at time so im loving this image right up front, its very eye catching in deed! So shall we crack it open!?
Right off the bat I get a nice sweet smell, and man is it enticing, the aroma of this cider is definitely giving a sugary vibe but as we know, dry ciders tend to be low in sugar and as the can says it has less than one gram of sugar.

For this review I was really curious how the color would be so I poured it into a glass as you can see from the picture above. The color we can see is a very light gold which I wonder if the light color leads us on to the taste, if it will be as light as it looks. Taking a good taste of it im a bit taken back but in a good way. What I was led on to be a sweet taste thanks to the aroma resonating from the can has actually turned into quite the opposite.

It has a slight tartness to it (surprise its a dry cider!) but not over whelming. The taste from the Michigan apples is nice and strong but not overwhelming to the point that I don’t want to continue. It gives us a lovely yet bold flavor that the dryness really brings out, showing us the real flavor of the Michigan apples used to make it. Its like a sweet tart, you know its tart but there is a sweetness to it that keeps you from puckering up a bit, definitely a beautiful presentation on the tongue.

Without realizing it ive already drank nearly the whole glass, which is definitely not a bad thing. One thing I will say is that this is a bit of a stronger dry cider, but really if you love a good hard cider, thats not much of a problem. I have really nothing negative to say about the Pulsar Dry Cider, except for I wish it was a larger can! I will definitely be on the look out to add this to my collection whenever I see it in stores.

So this is the point where I sum it all up for you right?

My general opinion, and take it as you may, this is a beautifully crafted Dry.
Remember dry ciders may be strong to some but thats because you’re tasting the apple more than any flavoring, they are not ment to be sweet so you will typically find less sugar in them which is always great on a hot day.
Would I recommend this cider? Absolutely, I think it would go against everything I have written if someone came up to me asking about Pulsar and I did not give them a shinning review.

A little tart but not over powering so lets roll a 3.5 out of 5 as it may not be for everyone.

Absolutely brilliant light gold that shines through to its taste, a 4 out of 5.

Who doesnt like squirrels? A great 4 out of 5.

Still on the fence!?

Here let me help you, if you have this nearby, pick up a can!

Visit Starcut Ciders Pulsar here –