We are Back!

Welcome back!
We are back and better than before!

In our absence we have made many changes, changes to the way we approach cider, changes to the way we review, and changes to the website of course. All of this is what we hope, a better way to bring and relay content to you, our faithful fans and readers. For years you’ve visited our site, our facebook page, and stuck our stickers all over the place, now we hope you’ll continue to do so on our new platform.

Some new changes worth noting, We have added… a Girl!~
Amber is joining us on our team this year to help branch out further, and bring a totally different twist on our reviews. Where previously it had been 3 guys that love cider, doing reviews as we drink our way through the orchard, Amber enjoys her stouts and ales and has recently tried these fancy Apple beverages. We hope with her exciting twist on the way she reviews and the way she perceives the world of Cider, that it will grab you and keep you hooked as we continue on this journey!

So welcome back!
And welcome back to us!

Our first reviews will start populating shortly as we work our way back through many previous reviews, as well as many brand new reviews. We can’t wait.

So sit back, relax, and as always, pour up a glass and enjoy.