Robert Baldwin

Founder | Editor | Reviewer

Current Favorite Cider: Golden Lion, Bogota Colombia
Hometown: Winter Garden, FL

My passion stems from trying many drinks over the years and never really finding one for me. That was, until I tried hard cider of course. Ever since I’ve been hooked and on the hunt for as many new flavors and experiences as possible.

As the founder and Editor of LoveThyCider I invite you to join us on our journey through this wonderful world of Hard Cider and experience what we experience throughout it.

So sit back, relax, pour yourself a cold one, and enjoy the ride.

Photo – Golden Lion, Colombian Cider

I promise there is more coming, you’ll have to excuse our dust as we remodel and rebuild our amazing site for you!

Robert’s Cider List

Top 5


Woodchuck – Gumption